Mini Company

Mini Company Camp 

  • August 3rd, 4th and 5th
  • Ages 4 to 6 years
  • From 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Come for one day or all three!  Ideal for students wanting to do Mini Company in the Fall.
  • Please wear shorts, tank top/dance top or leotard.  Ballet/Jazz shoes or barefoot.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Company

What is Mini Company?

  • Mini Company is a one hour program designed to give dancers (ages 3 to 6 years) a taste of competitive dancing in a fun and positive atmosphere

What are the class requirements for Mini Company?

  • Mini Company dancers will have a one hour jazz/ballet dance class in which they will learn their competition dance.

What competitions/conventions/performances will Mini Company be required to attend?

  • Parent Show - TBD
  • Two Regional competitions - TBD
  • Starstruck recital - TBD

What are costume/competition fees?

  • One costume per each dance ($90 per costume) that is due in full no later than Nov 1st
  • $45 per competition
  • $15 Mini Company t-shirt
  • $45 Recital fee

Are there any extracurricular activities involved with Mini Company?

  • Holiday parties and celebrations will all be held during class.

What is the dress code for Mini Company?

  • Tight dance tops with tight fitting hot shorts
  • Jazz shoes
  • Please do not purchase jazz shoes until a costume has been decided

Who is the primary contact for the Mini Company Program?

  • Jessica Morrow at
  • Amy Hofer at
  • Please feel free to contact them at any time with questions!

What is your main form of correspondence?

  • Email is preferred so please make sure that we have your correct email address
  • Handouts - Instructors will pass out information at the end of classes when necessary so please be sure to check your students bag each week