What is the "cost" for Company?

The biggest question people have when they search for new studio is "How much will it cost?"  This is especially true when you are considering the competition team (since it can be expensive!). Below are some facts/information about how we handle competition fees and classes.

Competitive students pay for their regular classes on the same scale with all of the recreational students.  Most company students take unlimited dance (which is $225 for the year).  This is strictly for class time which is separate from choreography!

Choreography is charged based on the number of dances that you are a part of during the year.  For each Company dance, there is a $15 per month.  For example, if you are placed in 2 small groups and 3 large group dances, then your monthly Company fees will be $75 (i.e. 5 x $15).  Each group has a 1/2 hour rehearsal each week (except Production which is an hour....which meets on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm).  

You will have the opportunity at auditions to tell us how many numbers your child would like to be in. We may put in you in less, but will not put you in more.  There are no other choreography fees unless you decide to be in a group that wants a guest choreographer.  Fees for guest choreographer will be shared by the group (includes air fare, hotel and choreographer fees).  After the choreographer leaves, you will also be required to pay the teacher at the rate above to clean the dance each week.

Costumes are a big expense for Company.  We estimate our costs for each costume at $125 piece and parents purchasing their own rhinestones.  Ballet costumes w/ tutu and senior costumes are a bit more expensive.  We accept $25 deposits for each costume in Sept, Oct, and November.  Any remaining amounts will be billed at the end of the year.  Please note that this will also include portions for props that are used in your child's dances.

There is a t-shirt fee of $55 for the year (includes 3 total t-shirts with one for initiation, parent show and nationals).  Company jackets are required and you would need one before competitions in Feb. There are options to buy other spirit wear throughout the year, but is not required.

Competition fees are another larger expense.  Normally there are about $45 to $50 per each dance that is "local" and $60 per dance that is "national".  Trips for "nationals" each year are TBD and will be shared at the parent meeting in August.  Dates for competitions will also be shared at the parent meeting.

We will have an in-house convention this year instead of going to one of the conventions downtown because they are so crowded.  The convention will cost approximately $150, but please note that we do not have a final cost from the facility at this time.

In June, Company members are required to take at least eight Summer intensive classes, but are encouraged to take all of them.  Cost for Summer intensive classes is $230 to $345 (and note that you don't pay regular tuition in June).

We hope this helps explain/represent the costs for the year.  Please note that things to do come up, but there should not be any large costs that are not listed.